How to find us?

Braddell MRT Station
Come out of the gantry, take the right turn. Up the escalator and take two right turns followed by a left! You will find us under the rows of low rise HDB flats. The walk is less then 5 minutes. You can also check out our image guide below to guide you to our cafe! See you soon!

Available Buses: 59, 231, 235

If you have questions or comments, please get a hold of us in whichever way is most convenient. Ask away. There is no reasonable question that our team cannot answer

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Image Guide

Step 1

After coming up from braddell mrt gantry exit C, turn right and you will see the pathway image as shown.

Image Guide

Step 2

Walk straight until you see a cross junction and turn right as shown in the picture.

Image Guide

Step 3

After turning right at the cross junction, walk straight and you will see an overhead green shelter, walk straight and turn left as shown in the picture.

Image Guide

Step 4

After turning left, cross the road and turn right and you will see a large carpark.

Image Guide

Step 5

After seeing the large carpark, walk straight towards the opposite overhead shelter as shown in the picture.

Image Guide

Step 6

Upon reaching the opposite overhead shelter, walk straight until you see the location of the image above and walk straight towards ShroveTuesday.

Image Guide

Step 7

Follow the path and you will see our store. See you there!